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Content Writing

In this age of content overload, authentic connections are key for your brand to engage consumers and offer true value. By weaving your unique brand voice, values, story, identity and key messages through all your content and communications, I help your brand connect with fans to drive insights and sales.

UX Writing

My interdisciplinary approach ensures emotional connection and human-centered solutions for brands. UX writing breathes life into a product. It’s more than logins and placeholders. My job is to make people feel the humanity behind the touchscreen. I collaborate with design teams to write more than just an interaction. We write memorable journeys.

Cortex Copywriter UX Writing Services
Cortex Copywriter Web Copywriting Services

Website Copywriting

I’m on mission to help you increase website traffic and leads, reduce bounce rate and strengthen your brand. While my search engine optimized (SEO) copy will focus on satisfying Big Daddy Google, SEO will come secondary to writing for humans and making your content authoritative so it gains interactions, links and referrals.

Nathan Mudaliar, the Cortex Copywriter


My copywriting and UX writing draws on abilities developed in the psychological sciences.

Expertise in visual perception, behavioral motivation and decision-making allows me to engineer words that convert customers and guide users.

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Interactive Techniques

Allow me to demonstrate some psychology-based copywriting techniques I apply to enhance user experiences and boost conversion rates.

Technique Description
People perceive rhyming phrases as more truthful.
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Approach & Attack
Technique Example
Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses:
At last, interactive AR experiences that feel real.
Cortex Copywriter Techniques


Human-centered UX

Scripted Chatbot
Conversation design guidelines such as chatbot personality, flowcharts, and scripts helped me convert complex mattress fitting data into simple dialogue for a scripted chatbot that guides customers in choosing the right mattress for their weight range.
Landing Page
UX principles including hierarchy (bolder/bigger font size), organization (bullet points), short headline, and one purpose CTA button allowed me to create a high-converting landing page for a web hosting offer.
Onboarding Screen
Here is the first screen in an onboarding process I wrote for a SaaS product. To create a smooth introduction to the product and improve conversion rates, I used reassuring details and informative labels to clear possible uncertainties and reduce ambiguity.

Cool Copy

Rebranding Campaign
I developed a new brand voice and brand identity – content style guide, design system, brand name, logo, tagline, and website – to enhance communications and online presence.
Facebook Ad
This Facebook ad I wrote for a full-service digital agency drove traffic to a landing page. In a limited space, I made sure the ad copy focused on a single, specific thought, and showed empathy. This strategy increased conversion rate by 72%.
Explainer Video
Here’s a screenshot for a video I wrote, storyboarded, and directed. The aim was to build awareness for an eLearning company. The copy – which inspired the audience to think, feel, and act – helped increase sales by 9.86%.
Brand Storytelling
I wrote blogs, diaries, news & announcements, and profile pages for a stylish directory exclusively designed for the modern man and woman who appreciate the finest things in life.
YouTube Ad
Meet Groovysaurus Rex – the company mascot in a 3D animated video advertisement which I wrote, storyboarded, and directed. The ad ran for 30 days and yielded 19 conversions, with a 67% view rate.
Pilot Screenplay
Screenwriting is one of my specialties. My award-winning, original, sci-fi, adult animated, pilot screenplay has successfully been pitched to production companies in the USA and Australia.


Karl Van Lieshout
Owner & Operator – Ausbeds
"..seamless UX"
"..more online sales"
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"I contacted Nathan because the innovative conversational interface and seamless user experience of his website inspired me. His perspective on my website rewrite was a huge help – Nathan gave me some great ideas that got me out of a creative slump.

He nailed all my briefs and produced excellent content – web copy, USP, SEO, UX, CX writing, scripted chatbot, and email marketing. Thanks to Nathan, customers compliment my new website and we’re getting more online sales."

Rosawin Siri
Digital Marketing Manager – 4mation Technologies
"..nailed brand voice"
"..keep on retainer"
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"Nathan is very easy going and flexible – we meet virtually or on-site at my office. He worked hard to understand our brand voice and write content with the correct tone, personality, and word choices.

Nathan nailed brand voice after only a couple of attempts and now I keep him on retainer to write a wide range of content from web copy, blogs, and social media. His writing is so effective, it evokes almost instant action from our target audience and consistently achieves business goals."

Craig Erskine-Smith
CEO – Erskine Oral Care
"..wonderful ideas"
"..perfect tagline"
"..excellent wireframes"
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"Nathan was very helpful, he produced wonderful ideas and wrote great web copy for me. He was friendly, flexible, and participated in a design sprint with my product team.

Nathan came up with the perfect tagline and unique value proposition for my product and we sketched out excellent wireframes that clarified my website content and functionality."

Liam Key
Creative Director – Imagination Pioneers Studios
"..love his passion"
"..heaps of depth"
"..speaks to my brand"
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"I always enjoy working with Nathan, I love his passion to think and dream of big things. His writing craft is brilliant and has heaps of depth behind it. Nathan works closely with my design studio to deliver copy across a range of mediums – web development, motion graphics, 3D animation, and more.

The voice and tone Nathan writes with really speaks to my brand and reinforces the value of what I do. I look forward to seeing all of the interesting ideas we have discussed come to life."

Eoin Mullins
Director – Corbel Technologies
"..beautiful copy"
"..psychology edge"
"..emotional currents"
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"I received consistently beautiful web copy from Nathan. His background in psychology and neuroscience gives his writing an edge.

Nathan can tune into the emotional currents of desire, need, and pleasure that pull customers to our products and services."

Adrian Rodriguez Soto
eCommerce Manager – EUX Agency
"..superior intellect"
"..deep psychology"
"..doubled conversions"
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"Within 2 minutes of talking with Nathan, I realized I was dealing with a superior intellect. He doesn’t miss much! I was shocked by the speed, power, and precision of Nathan’s copywriting and UX writing. Nathan instinctively knows what works and what doesn’t because he has deep knowledge of consumer and behavioral psychology.

Nathan’s fine-tuned copy nearly doubled our website’s overall conversion rate. I can’t wait to see what he does next for our business!"

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